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January 21, 2017

Registration Opens for Earthdance 2017

Our 21st Year of Dancing For Peace

San Francisco, CA – The nonprofit Earthdance International has announced the opening of registration for producers of local Earthdance events to be held all over the world, highlighted by a global peace meditation on September 23, 2017. This is the twenty-first year for the world’s largest annual synchronized global music and dance event for peace. The website at includes full details and the link for online registration.

Since 1997, Earthdance has been held in over 1000 locations in 80 countries, and presented thousands of DJs and artists. The highlight of the Earthdance global event is the Prayer for Peace music track, played at the same moment at all locations, an early example of what is now known as subtle activism and practiced by many groups worldwide producing synchronized meditation events. Earthdance events have supported hundreds of charities worldwide and are guided by an international collective of longtime producers.

Earthdance is aligned with the United Nations International Day of Peace observance, held on September 21st each year.

The twenty-first anniversary theme is “Re-Evolution“, signifying the need for citizens all over the world to revitalize their resistance to false ideas of separatism. We must instead remember we are all one human family, dedicated to living in peace, unity, freedom, social justice and true environmental stewardship. Earthdance is one of many peace organizations, groups and projects that align with the Day of Peace. In this varied field of activist and public service groups, Earthdance combines music, community, social consciousness, support of charities and activism, asserting that peace is as much about living fully and thriving, as it is is about protesting war (as important as that may be).

Anticipated public events may include large music festivals with tens of thousands attending, as well as various, smaller local celebrations. Earthdance sets a standard for conscious, transformational gatherings showcasing live and electronic music, workshops, dance and art. The simple agreement asks mainly for each producer’s commitment to join with the synchronized peace meditation and to donate to a local charity. Private gatherings may also register and participate.


Andy Fusso
International Coordinator
San Francisco, CA